Tradeshift got a makeover! The launcher on the left of your Tradeshift account now looks different; instead of a list of standard apps, the launcher is divided between your Inbox and Apps. Note that your 9 most used apps will be displayed at the top of the list! The rest of the platform is still the same, and you can use the same features as before.


What's changed?

  • Previously, when you logged in, you would see the Tasks list by default. Now, you will be taken to the last app you were in when logging out
  • The “Create” button exists now in the form of the "Create Documents" app, which expands to suggest the different documents you can create. Click “Invoice” to create an invoice, “Purchase Order” to create a Purchase Order, and so on.
  • If you have a Branch Management setup, switching between branches will now be done via the “Switch to...” app
  • You now have a Universal Inbox, which shows all Collaboration messages requiring your attention, and which can be extended to show your Tasks

Stay tuned, as we will be posting more information about this release!

Demo Video