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    How to create an invoice

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    This guide will detail the different ways in which you can create an invoice on Tradeshift’s web portal.

    Before submitting your invoice:

    • You should be connected to your customer. To ensure that, check your existing connections in the Network app. Click here to learn how to connect to your customer.
    • You should add your company’s tax and legal identifiers in the Company Identifiers section of the Profile app. These details are required and you may not be able to send documents without completing them. Click here to learn more about filling out these details.
    • You should complete the mandatory fields of your company profile, such as the company name and address.

    If you don’t know your company identifiers or are unable to make changes to your company profile, please contact your Company Administrator.

    Please find below the four ways in which you can create an invoice on Tradeshift. Click on each link for more details:

    Note: Some receivers have put certain document requirements in place, called validation rules or business firewall rules (BFR). These rules ensure the correctness and compliance of your documents. If your documents do not comply to these rules, error messages will occur and they will not be sent to you customer. Please access this video guide on how to find your customer’s validation rules.

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