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    Every company on Tradeshift has a profile which showcases important information about the company and its team members. It can be accessed and managed via the Profile App, or by clicking on the above icon from your apps list.

    If you are a Company Administrator on Tradeshift you have the permissions and responsibility to complete and maintain your Company Profile. Updating your Company Profile is a necessary step before getting started with e-invoicing through Tradeshift.

    Here is the information that you can add in your company profile.


    • Click the “View as visitor” button to view your profile the way another company on the Tradeshift network would see it. 
    • The Profile Settings can be accessed via the button of the same name. Here you can select whether your profile is public in search engine results, request your account’s deletion, and more. Read more about the Profile Settings here.
    • You can add a banner image at the header level to customize your profile.

    Left panel

    • You can also upload your company logo at the top part of the left panel. The supported formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, and icon formats.
    • Your company address, industry, connections number, and contact information are also displayed here. Some of it can be modified in the “Complete your profile section”. You can also edit or add team members in the Team section of this panel by clicking on the “Edit” button. Learn more about managing your team members here.

    Company information (Complete your profile) section

    • Click the individual fields to add the information that will be displayed in the left panel. The address field in this section opens a side menu, in which you can enter your address. Your company name is the only mandatory field, but it can be changed easily by clicking on the field and typing in the new company name. Your company’s country can’t be changed.
    • You can also add colleagues to your company account here, through the “Invite team member” button.

    Company identifiers section

    • This section includes different identifiers according to your country.In this section, you can add your company’s legal and tax identifiers. Completing this information is mandatory in order for you to send documents on Tradeshift. Read this guide for more information on how to complete them, as well as frequent errors related to them.

    Certifications section

    • You can showcase your business credentials and certifications on your profile, to attract new potential partners.   

    Recommendations section

    • Your business partners on Tradeshift can provide you with recommendations, which you can request by clicking the “Ask for recommendations” button. Read more about recommendations here.

    Media section

    • If you have any specific media or documents you would like to make available to your customers, you can add them here.

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