A contact in your network can be either a Tradeshift connection, or a manual connection. If your contact is on Tradeshift, then you can create a Tradeshift connection with them, which will allow you to invoice them electronically, as well as communicate with them using our platform. If they aren't on Tradeshift, then you will have to create a manual connection. To learn more about the difference between a Tradeshift and a manual connection, please read this FAQ.

To add Tradeshift connections to your account please follow these steps:

1. Go to the Network manager, and select the “Tradeshift Network” tab. In the search box, start typing the name of the company you are looking for:

2. Choose the company you wish to add and click "CONNECT"


Note that when clicking the line of a company in the Network, a side menu will open, allowing you to connect to that company. You can also view more information about the company from there:

If the company you're searching for is not on the Tradeshift network yet, you can add them as a manual connection or invite them to join Tradeshift.

To add a manual connection to your network please follow these steps:

1. Click the "Invite company" button in the bottom right of the Network manager:

2. Enter the contact details in the form. The system will search similarly named companies in the country you choose, and offer to establish a connection with an existing Tradeshift account:


  • If you find the company you were looking for, simply click their card and a connection request will be found.
  • You can also view additional matches to your search by clicking the “More matches on Tradeshift” button
  • If none of the suggestions match what you’re looking for, you can then add a Manual contact via the “I did not find a match” button. Enter the required information and click “Add company”:


The documents will be sent to this contact as attachments to an email sent to the email address you specified, along with a link to an online version of the document which they can use to change its state and communicate with you. 
  • For you, this means that exchanging documents with them is exactly the same as exchanging documents with a Tradeshift user. 
  • For them, they get a taste of the ease and convenience of Tradeshift, along with the opportunity to sign up.