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    Connection statuses

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    Accessing the Network app, you will have an overview of all your connections in the My Network tab, as well as your sent and received connection requests in the Tradeshift Network tab. In this article, we will explain all the different statuses that can be displayed for your contacts, as well as the types of statuses displayed under invitations.

    My Network Tab

    The My Network tab contains a list of all of your Tradeshift account’s current connections. The Relationship Status column indicates the relationship your account has with that specific contact. These statuses will indicate how your document exchange process with that contact will be carried out.

    The different statuses that can be displayed under the Relationship Status column are:

    Status Definition
    Connection A regular Tradeshift connection. This company has accepted your connection request. Documents sent to Tradeshift connections are sent electronically via the Tradeshift network.
    Email Contact A manual connection that you have created yourself for another user. Documents sent to manual connections will be sent via email (as PDF attachments) or via snail mail (you will have to print out and mail the paper invoice yourself). If an email contact joins Tradeshift, the connection will become a regular Tradeshift connection.
    Passive Connection Passive connections are a subset of Tradeshift connections and are different from email contacts. A passive connection means the company was created on Tradeshift, but no user is behind that account. Documents sent to passive connections are stored in that account until it is activated, thus turning into a regular Tradeshift connection.
    Pending Verification A special relationship status created by uploading an SMD file to Tradeshift. Only buyer companies can view this status. Read more about the Pending Verification status here. Documents can be sent to pending verification connections. When verified, the connection will become a regular Tradeshift connection.
    Unverified Relationship A special relationship status indicating that another Tradeshift connection has informed us that they do business with you. When verified, the connection will become a regular Tradeshift connection. Read more about the Unverified Relationship status here.

    Tradeshift Network Tab

    The Tradeshift Network tab allows users to search through the entire Tradeshift network to find other companies that are registered on the platform. You can also access all sent and received connection requests, displayed on the right side of the screen. Read this article to find out how to send a connection request.

    Invitations Received

    By clicking on the Invitations received option at the search bar level, you will access the list of invitations received from other companies that would like to connect and do business with you. The status displayed for these requests is Pending Connection, indicating that you should take action. Use the accept and reject buttons to establish a connection or reject the request. Documents cannot be exchanged until the connection is accepted.

    Invitations Sent

    By clicking on the Invitations sent option, you will access the list of invitations you have sent to other companies. The status displayed for these requests is Invitation Sent. The other party must accept your invitation before you are able to exchange documents with them.

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