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    How to create an invoice from the Create Launcher

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    This is step-by-step guide to creating an invoice from the Create Launcher. The Create Launcher allows you to create any of the standard document types available on Tradeshift.

    To create an invoice from the Create launcher, follow the bellow steps:

    • Click on the Create app in the sidebar
    • Select Create Invoice from the list of documents
    • Search for the recipient by filling in the company name or e-mail address in the search bar. If the recipient is not found, you can add an e-mail connection by choosing add another contact.
    • Fill in the invoice details:
      • Invoice number
      • Issue date
      • Currency
      • Payment due date
      • Delivery date
      • (Optional) Add any relevant optional fields
    • Complete invoice line items:
      • Item ID
      • Description
      • Quantity
      • Unit
      • Price per unit
      • Tax
    • To add multiple items, click on the Add New Line button.
    • To add a discount, a separate tax charge or a fixed tax, click on the Add header charge, discount or tax option.
    • Click on the Show base quantity option to change the Price per unit column to Price per quantity.
    • Click on the Add payment terms and means box to specify the payment method. You can choose to save the payment terms for future invoices by ticking the Save payment terms and means for future invoices box.
    • To add a message to the recipient, fill in the free-text Write a message to the recipient box. You can choose to save this message for future invoices by ticking the Save notes for future invoices box.
    • To add additional documentation such as a PDF invoice copy or a spreadsheet, click on the Attachments option to upload files.
    • Click on the Add footer notes option to add more information. Footer notes are populated with your company profile information by default, but you can choose to edit and save the new note for future invoices.
    • Clicking Discard will discard the invoice you are working on.
    • Clicking Save as draft will save the invoice in the Document Manager app, and you can choose to edit and send at a later time.
    • Clicking Preview will allow to see the invoice before sending.
    • Clicking Send will send the invoice to the recipient.

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