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    The Account Owner has left the company, what do I do?

    6270 9 Created on 2023-09-25 09:51:24; Last updated on 2023-11-15 11:08:09

    If the Account Owner is no longer in the company, please contact Tradeshift Support and provide the following information in your support ticket:

    • Account Name
    • Current email of the Account Owner (also include this email in the CC of the ticket)
    • New Account Owner email (also include this email in the CC of the ticket)
    • PDF copy of PO as an attachment. If no PO is available, an Invoice copy is needed.

    This information is mandatory in order for the Tradeshift Support team to go through the necessary verifications.

    If another company user has the necessary rights to add the new user in the Company Admin role, this will provide the same Admin rights as the Owner of the account.

    To learn more about how to add users, visit the below step-by-step guides.

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