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    Why am I getting the error "the user is not currently accepting invoices"?

    6539 18 Created on 2023-09-12 10:14:31; Last updated on 2023-11-15 11:08:07

    If when trying to send an invoice to your customer you receive the message "the user is not currently accepting invoices," this indicates that you are not connected to the customer correctly. Please follow the steps below to amend this:

    1. Check the Network App to see if it contains a connection with your customer. If the connection is available, this means that it is not set up correctly in the backend, so you will need to contact your customer to request onboarding.

    2. If the connection is not available, please reach out to your customer. If you do not have the customer's contact information, you can access their Landing Page in the Support Center app, under Landing Pages to find their contact details.

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