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    Documents uploader

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    With the Documents Uploader app, you can export your existing documents in any of the Tradeshift-supported formats. This allows you to import previously sent documents from your accounting system and have an overview in one place.

    You can install the App from the App Store, under the “Document transfer” category. Details on how you activate an app are available here. Please note that only company administrators are able to do this.

    Once the application is activated, you can upload a file by clicking on "Choose file", navigating to the file on your computer, and then clicking "Import document”. Moreover, you can see a list of the supported formats by clicking on “Show valid formats”.

    The upload process will then begin, and if there are no validation errors in your file, it is made into a draft which you can find in your documents. If the invoice didn't have a recipient defined inside it, then you have to find the recipient by using the search field provided on the invoice creation page. Then make sure that the invoice has all the details you want it to have.

    Finally, don’t forget to check that the invoice has all the details you want to include before sending it. When you are ready to do that, click on the green “Send” button.

    Uploading PDF documents

    In case you select a PDF file for uploading, the app will convert it to an electronic document and lead you through the following steps:

    • Document Upload
    • Document Conversion
    • Document Validation

    Please note that PDF documents to upload can be maximum 25 MB in volume, and maximum 20 pages in length.

    Importing a PDF file might take up to 10 minutes, but once it is done, you will be notified via email. When you receive this notification, you will be required to open the draft document and validate it. This requires that you manually check if the system has recognised and mapped all relevant information into the corresponding fields correctly. You have 7 days to validate a conversion, throughout which you will receive several email reminders.

    Access the Document Manager app and look for the converted draft document. If you open it, you will be able to see a split view of the page, with the PDF document above and the converted electronic version below it:

    At this stage, you have the option of making corrections before submitting your new electronic document. You can drag and resize the split view to see all necessary details when validating your document. Once the document is validated, you can preview your invoice or credit note by clicking the blue "Preview" button on the bottom of the page. If everything is in place, you are now ready to click "Send".

    Note: If you have uploaded a document in error, click here to learn how you can delete it.

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