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    How do I get an app activated?

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    Only admin users have the right to activate apps in App Store. If you are a non-admin user, you need to contact your admin, request app activation and await for the reply. A simple and fast method is to collaborate with your admin in the App Store app. 

    Here is how you do it:

    1. Go to the App Store app using the app launcher. The App Store page displays a message at the top, informing you that only company admins can activate or deactivate apps.
    2. Use the search field to find the app you want to have activated.
    3. Click the Request button below the app icon of the app you want activated. 

    4. When you click Request, the Conversation panel opens, displaying your request for activation. Fill in the Reason for this request field, which is mandatory.
    5. Click Send. Your activation request has been sent to the company admin.

    If you are the admin user of the account, you can access the App Store app using the app launcher. To activate the desired app, simply use the search field to find it and click on the activate button.

    The same steps can be followed to deactivate an app. Click on the deactivate button under the app instead.

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