From the log in page, click on the "Forgot your password?" link.


You will be taken to the "Forgot your password?" page. Here, enter your email address in the field and click "Send Instructions". In just a few moments you will receive an email from Tradeshift with a link where you can make a new password. From there, follow the instructions, and you will have access to your account with the new password you entered.

If you did not receive the email as expected, make sure you also check your email's spam folder. From time to time, some spam filters will categorize these types of activation emails as spam. If you cannot find it, it's possible that your IT department has established some company-wide spam filters which other employees aren't even aware about. Please contact them and ask if such filters are in place, and to add emails from Tradeshift to their safe list if that is the case.

If you still cannot find the email, please contact our support.