Document Manager

The Document Manager app allows you to view your documents in customisable tables, refine your search for documents through powerful filters, and download your documents list as CSV files for easy analytics. Find out how to do all that here!

Getting started with Document Manager

The Document Manager displays all of your documents that are sent and received via the Tradeshift platform. The search and filtering options allow you to refine search results to find specific documents you need to work on. The document overview cont ...

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What are the document statuses displayed?

A document status is a property displayed in the Document Manager app, that describes how far along the document is in the process. Document statuses are very important on Tradeshift, as they allow both parties to maintain a clear overview of all the ...

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How to use filters in Document Manager

In the Document Manager, on the left side of the document list, you can find several filters. Use these filters to refine your search and get specific results. The set of available filters allows you to filter by status, document type issue date and ...

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How to manage table columns in Document manager

Want to customize a table in Document Manager? You can choose which columns are visible in the table. Additionally, you can sort the rows based on a particular column’s values in ascending or descending order. How to sort table rows Open the Document ...

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CSV export

It is possible to download a CSV representation of the displayed table. To do this, simply click Download CSV in the bottom right corner of the screen: This will download the table as a CSV file. The downloaded file reflects the filters that are curr ...

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