Document contents and payment

Learn about payment methods, auto-pay and PayPal.

What payment methods are available on Tradeshift?

Along with the traditional payment methods (bank account, cash, postgiro), we provide our users with simple integrated payments that are easy to use. We have integrated to PayPal and we offer direct payment of your invoices with PayPal. This means th ...

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How do I add a payment method to my invoice?

When you create an invoice you can add a payment method or several payment methods to it by choosing the desired option from the drop-down menu that is visible in the bottom-left corner of the invoice. Related Resources: How to create an invoice What ...

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How to handle the exchange rate during document creation

Exchange rates in Tradeshift depend on the Business Firewall that your customer may have set up, as well as your own country's tax requirements. This information will be required during document creation, and will display on the top right side of the ...

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