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    What is a landing page?

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    A landing page is a dedicated customer page that includes important information about interacting with your customers on Tradeshift. Each Enterprise Customer has their own landing page hosted on Tradeshift, and maintained by the Tradeshift team in collaboration with the customer team. Landing pages include information about the scope of the customers’ activity with Tradeshift, their validation rules, and any other information that you should know in order to exchange documents with them on Tradeshift.

    In addition to landing pages, each customer also has their own Knowledge Base space with documentation specific to their processes. As a Seller, you have access to the documentation and landing pages of each customer you are connected with. We strongly recommend accessing these pages whenever you have a question related to your customer or contacting them directly for business questions.

    How to access your customer's landing page and Knowledge Base

    Your customer’s landing page can be accessed from the Support App, in the Support Pages section, by clicking on the relevant “Customer Name Network Support” card. If you’re a new user, you should first click on the generic Tradeshift Network Support card in order to first learn more about what should be your first steps on the platform, for example filling in your company profile. After that, go back to the Support app and your customer’s landing page cards will appear.

    Your customer’s landing page always includes a welcome text, their validation rules for documents (if applicable), and contact details for any business questions addressed to them. Moreover, it can also contain specific information or guides about their business process on Tradeshift. Under the welcome text, you can find the buttons that lead to the Knowledge Base and to the Assistance form, through which you can contact Tradeshift Support.

    You will also find your customer’s landing page URL in your invitation email. You can also bookmark it and use it to access the page as a logged-out user, but please note that the visibility of customer-specific information may be limited in that case.

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