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    What is the Knowledge Base?

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    The Knowledge Base is our support and learning center that includes written articles about the Tradeshift platform and features, as well as company-specific articles. 

    The Tradeshift generic documentation is available under the first section of the left-side navigation panel with the same name, and includes written documentation and FAQs on the Tradeshift platform and its functionalities. This documentation is visible to all users.

    The customer-specific content can be found under Your Companies Documentation (if you are an Enterprise Customer employee) and / or Your Connected Companies Documentation (if you are a Seller). This content is relevant and visible only for a company’s Sellers and Employees, and includes information about the company’s specific business processes or use cases on Tradeshift.

    How to access the Knowledge Base:

    You can access the Knowledge Base directly from this link or by clicking on the Knowledge Base icon in the left panel on the Tradeshift platform.

    You can also access the Knowledge Base via your customer’s landing page, by clicking on the Knowledge Base icon under the welcome message box.

    Knowledge Base content visibility

    Content visibility can be set to one or more of logged-out and / or logged-in users, so there is more content available to you once you log in to the Tradeshift platform.

    If you are logged-out or don’t have an account yet, you will only see a limited amount of generic content when accessing the Knowledge Base.

    If you are logged-in, you will see the entirety of the Tradeshift generic documentation that is available for your user or company type, and your companies’ documentation, if applicable.

    Knowledge Base generic content structure

    The Tradeshift generic content is included under the Tradeshift Documentation section on the left-side panel. It’s organized into 5 categories, also visible on the Knowledge Base homepage. These are: 

    • Tradeshift Basics: includes information about getting started, managing your account, navigating the platform and our key functionalities.
    • Selling on Tradeshift: includes information for Sellers, such as creating and managing documents, managing products, integrations, and more.
    • Buying on Tradeshift: includes similar information for Buyers and Enterprise Customers.
    • Tradeshift Partner Apps: includes information about our partners, such as Babelway or Quyntess, and more.
    • Announcements and Release Notes: includes the latest news about upcoming releases from the Tradeshift team. 

    Company or customer-specific documentation is organized according to each customer's preference.

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