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    How to Integrate with Pitt Ohio?

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    This "How to" should provide you with the necessary steps to implement a working integration with Pitt Ohio from scratch using Babelway.


    Preferred Protocols and Message Formats. When integrating with Pitt Ohio, you will be expected to send X12 (version 4010) messages through FTP (client or server) or AS2.

    Contact and Resource information. 


    Integration flow request

    To request the setup of an automated document transfer with Pitt Ohio you will be requested to complete the following online form. You can find the forms on their website (see contact information) and in Babelway's resources: request and specifications. Note that we advise you use AS2 as a communication method since it is the cheapest (VAN involves additional costs) and most secure.


    1. If Babelway is doing the setup for you, feel free to input our contact information and your efforts can stop at this section. We will take up the rest.
    2. Pitt Ohio has a preference for version 4010 and Babelway can provide it so feel free to use that one.
    3. If you don't already use client and receiver ID's see X12 communication identifiers for more information on the subject.
    4. We recommend the use of AS2.

    Setting up your connection

    You can set up your connection in any of the following ways:

    • FTP Server: Pitt Ohio fetches and uploads documents to an FTP you configure using an FTP Server gateway in and FTP Server gateway Out. You can use the same set of credentials for both but then you need to specify separate subdirectories (like /in and /out for example) where Pitt Ohio is to upload and download its content.
    • FTP Client: Pitt Ohio have an FTP Server where they can upload content for you to fetch and upload your documents. You can then use the FTP Client Server Gateways in and out to connect to their platform and collect and upload your documents. This is Pitt Ohio's preferred integration method. It's very easy to setup. It's not our recommendation because AS2 is as simple and more secure.
    • AS2: Pitt Ohio also support using an AS2 connection. This is the connection we will document here. It is the most secure connection type and the one we recommend.
    • VAN (value added network): Pitt Ohio also allows the use of a VAN. This is supported by Babelway but we strongly discourage its use. Additional fees are involved and it's by far the trickies setup.


    Once you have indicated to Pitt Ohio that you will be integrating using AS2 they will expect you to share your AS2 information. In order to provide this, you can begin by creating a dummy AS2 gateway in:


    Download the AS2 specifications ZIP in the properties tab of your newly created gateway. It contains all you will need to provide Pitt Ohio.

    You will need to receive from Pitt Ohio the following information to complete your configuration:

    1. The AS2 ID Pitt Ohio will use to receive/send your content
    2. The address of the AS2 server Pitt Ohio will be expecting your content to reach
    3. The certificate you need to use to encrypt your content

    You will use this information to create your gateway out:


    And complete your gateway in:


    Pitt Ohio requires you use SHA1 encryption in your gateway OUT. You can update this in the properties tab of your gateway OUT.

    Configuring your messages

    If you are required or opt to send and receive 997 acknowledgements you can configure this in your message definitions. See 997 implementation:


    This documentation is based on our integration projects but we'd love to enhance and update it with your own feedback and experience:

    Last update: June 06 2018


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