Visual mapping is able to map two message definition tree structures, when they have the same fields. This is very valuable when dealing with complex and often similar XML messages like in soap messages, IDOC or UBL…

To map the 2 structures, drag-and-drop your source structure to the target structure. As you can see in the screenshot, structure nodes can only be mapped on other structure nodes, not on fields.


Structure mapping - drag-and-drop

Confirm the operation.


Structure mapping - confirmation

As you can see, all the corresponding nodes have been mapped.


Structure mapping - result

The multi-nodes mapping will work even if there are additional nodes in one of the 2 structures. These nodes will be ignored.

But the multi-nodes mapping will ignore nodes that are present multiple times in the structure. Example, if your node Country contains 2 different children named Code, no mapping will be made for fields Code, because it is not clear for the system what is the correct association.