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    Release 4.56 on Sunday 2nd of June

    652 2 Created on 2020-10-19 12:01:08; Last updated on 2022-07-01 13:01:14

    Release notes - Babelway team - Version Release 4.56

    Platform Evolution

    [BABELWAY-5733] - Create UN/CEFACT (Cross Industry Invoice) CII as Message Definition (European Mandatory)
    [BABELWAY-5981] - Depl v2: queue the deployments on the same hub so that we can have concurrent deployment
    [BABELWAY-6017] - Link : UI - analysis (&poc)
    [BABELWAY-6024] - If 997 - log the original validation error in context out
    [BABELWAY-6036] - [Link] Crosscheck some processes with Customer team
    [BABELWAY-6048] - Scroll bar in notification alert
    [BABELWAY-6053] - [Link] Clean Customer App configuration

    Technical debt

    [BABELWAY-2270] - Migrate AS2 away from hermes and allow timeouts [still in progress]
    [BABELWAY-2445] - On Gateway Email Out Metadata
    [BABELWAY-2608] - Remove old tutorial
    [BABELWAY-2610] - valid email is not recognized
    [BABELWAY-3647] - LookupTable disconnection noticed twice
    [BABELWAY-4205] - Add SQL request to messages in different prod data errors sections
    [BABELWAY-4219] - Migrate James to ClientGatewayOutHelper
    [BABELWAY-4539] - Tune load balancing
    [BABELWAY-4696] - Html escaping in error message
    [BABELWAY-5711] - Including a new query in the performance report job
    [BABELWAY-5775] - Remove capacity everywhere
    [BABELWAY-5844] - Display issue create "Gateway In" of type "PEPPOL"
    [BABELWAY-5902] - ArrayWebTypeHandler Triggers JS errors when building too big arrays
    [BABELWAY-5954] - Monthly security audit
    [BABELWAY-5958] - DKIM conditionnally mandatory parameters
    [BABELWAY-5984] - Review strategy of sending email back to the sender in case of error
    [BABELWAY-6005] - Implement Mail Sender without James
    [BABELWAY-6009] - Avoid that messageExecutor is blocked by big messages
    [BABELWAY-6027] - Update list of InterchangeStatus in ECGrid
    [BABELWAY-6029] - Prepare Certificate migration
    [BABELWAY-6033] - Edifact/X12 - add validation of minLength of values
    [BABELWAY-6034] - Edifact / x12 - add validation on dates.
    [BABELWAY-6040] - Update PEPPOL schematron to spring release 2019
    [BABELWAY-6041] - Add missing message_file_type ENUM for messaginghistory
    [BABELWAY-6044] - Update OverlayTitle for partially deployment respectively
    [BABELWAY-6045] - Should Transfer alias be used in MailGatewayOut Smime signature?
    [BABELWAY-6047] - Edifact 96A - Wrong definition for segment HAN
    [BABELWAY-6051] - Unblock/block buttons are not showed correctly
    [BABELWAY-6052] - Add error details to PEPPOL when we cannot reach the endpoint
    [BABELWAY-6054] - NullPointerException actionSoapClientGatewayXsdImportsProcessing
    [BABELWAY-6055] - decodeAndSetFilter in DocumentSearchCriteriaWebInputDecoder doesn't set setFilterAnalysis for TypeHandlerErrorCode.searchCriteriaUnknownField
    [BABELWAY-6065] - Fix Peppol Participant Identifier Update performance
    [BABELWAY-6066] - Fix NPE in X400
    [BABELWAY-6067] - SFTP - Too many connections issue
    [BABELWAY-6068] - IPSEC Customer
    [BABELWAY-6073] - Revert certificate change on customer infra
    [BABELWAY-6075] - Harmonize the version of Apache common in all projects
    [BABELWAY-6084] - Fix CheckIntercomUsers job
    [BABELWAY-6082] - Fix test cases for Splitter Gateway In

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