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    Search and list catalogue items.


    • q: A query string (not case-sensitive). 
    • start: An integer to set the first result. By default, the value is at 0. The API returns 25 results per query. To get the 25 following ones, it should be 25, then 50, then 75


    • Get catalogue items with the tags 'belgium' and 'as2' in JSON as2


    <gateway> <id>28786</id>
    <name>AS2 Delhaize</name>
    <description>AS2 parameters to exchange files with Delhaize. </description>

    <id> 33967</id>
    <name>AS2 Cora (Belux)</name>
    <description>AS2 Connection to be used in order to receive messages from Cora (Belux). <description>

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