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    How to Integrate with Celadon Trucking?

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    This "How to" should provide you with the necessary steps to implement a working integration with Celadon Trucking from scratch using Babelway.


    Preferred Protocols and Message Formats. Celadon works with Cleo VLTracker which covers their EDI needs. They support various connection technologies. You will be expected to send X12 messages through FTP, AS2, or VAN.

    Contact and Resource information. 

    • Contact information in our resources section 

    Setting up your connection

    You can set up a number of connections with Celadon Trucking since they support FTP, AS2 and VAN. We discourage the use of VAN as it involves additional costs and is the least straightforward setup. We will describe the setup using an AS2 connection which is the most secure protocol. Your channel will look something like this:

    Once you have indicated to Dayton Freight that you will be integrating using AS2 they will expect you to share your AS2 information. In order to provide this, you can begin by creating a dummy AS2 gateway in:


    Download the AS2 specifications ZIP in the properties tab of your newly created gateway. It contains all you will need to provide Celadon Trucking.

    You will need to receive from Celadon the following information to complete your configuration:

    1. The AS2 ID Celadon will use to receive/send your content
    2. The address of the AS2 server Celadon will be expecting your content to reach
    3. The certificate you need to use to encrypt your content

    You can find a subset of this information in our resources section. You will use this information to create your gateway out (note that Celadon Trucking requires you use SHA1 encryption - make sure to update it in the properties tab of your gateway):



    And complete your gateway in: 

    Configuring your messages

    When you configure your messages be sure to use the following EDI qualifier and IDs: 02 / CDNK, 02 / CLGE, 02 / CNGV

    You may be required to send out 997 acknowledgements. Additionally for documents you send them you may request to receive a 997 acknowledgement. You can correlate it with your original messages. In both cases, you should have a look at Babelway's 997 implementation:


    This documentation is based on our integration projects but we'd love to enhance and update it with your own feedback and experience:

    Last update: June 06 2018
















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