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    All the requests to access the REST API have the form{hubId}/{action}.{format}?{parameters}, where

    • hubId: The id of your environment. It can be found in the Environment settings section, under the Admin menu. 
    • format:  The format in which you want to receive the answer. It must be 'json' or 'xml'. All actions support the 2 formats. 
    • action and parameters: The name and parameters of the action you want to call. See below for all available actions and parameters. 


    All the requests require authentication.

    The API currently supports the HTTP Basic Authentication.

    It is also possible to provide the credentials via the 2 extra parameters userName and pwd

    The Babelway Rest API is to be used on a HTTPS (SSL/TLS) connection in order to encrypt the credentials.


    All timestamps should be formatted as the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970 (midnight UTC/GMT).

    Babelway Database optimization

    The Babelway Database is optimized in order to have very fast access to all recent messages (received in the last 7 days) and the older messages are archived.

    To have a fast response when making API calls to the Babelway system, it is best to add a criteria like "Received in the last 7 days" or something like "Every day".

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