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    Message Definitions

    5122 0 Created on 2020-10-08 09:02:09; Last updated on 2022-07-01 13:01:13

    Search and list message definitions for a given environment.


    • name: A string search on the channel name. 
    • description: A string search on the channel description. 
    • since: Returns only gateways created after the given timestamp. 
    • before: Returns only gateways created before the given timestamp. 
    • direction: Returns only gateways with the specified direction : IN or OUT. 
    • type: Returns only gateways with the specified type. 
    • start:  An integer to set the first result. By default, the value is at 0. The API returns  25 results per query. To get the 25 following ones, it should be 25, then   50, then 75,


    • List all the message definitions IN of environment 26112 in JSON format



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