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    User Rights

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    Username pop up window

    This overlay allows you to define the user rights cross environment. Each row correspond to one environment. And each columns corresponds to an Environment Access Level.

    If you set the Portal user right, you'll have a small plus that will appear allowing you to set the partners.

    The checkbox 'select all' allows you to set the same Environment Access Level to a user for all environments available within your account.

    • Environment Access Level: The access rights of the user for the current environment. 
    • Partner Data Accesses:  For users with a "Portal User" access to an environment, you can define accesses to the data of partners. One partner data access is a right ("Read" or "Manage") on one specific partner. Both rights give read access to the runtime data related to the partner. With a "Manage" right, the user will be able to delegate its access and to manage portal users with access to the partner. 
    Five different Environment access levels are available. They are described hereafter:
    • Account Administrator (Full access): Has full rights over the account (yourself by default). 
    • Channel Manager:  Has full rights over alerts/messages/channels functions, but cannot access admin information (user rights, billing). This type of access is for people who will manage and maintain channels. 
    • Monitoring: Can view and operate messages or alerts, but can not change the configuration of channels. This type of access is for people who monitor the system. 
    • Portal user: Portal user will only see documents (invoices, orders, ...) related to some partners. This role is typically for people from another company than the owner of the account, and who should only be able to see documents related to this company.
    • No Access: Has no access to your environment, but you can switch to another role without sending an invitation. 


    • If you have one environment in your account and you decide to set the "Environment Access Level" for a user to "No Access", this user will be removed from the "Your users" page. If you want to add this user again, you will have to send an invitation email to this user. 
    • If you have more than one environment in your account and you decide to set the "Environment Access Level" for a user to "No Access" for the first environment while this user has access to another environment of the same account, their access level will mention "No access" for the first environment in the "Your users" page. You can change the "Environment Access Level" for this user to another role without sending an invitation email. 












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