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    Add a User

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    From this screen, you can add and invite a new user and select their role on any of your account environments.



    Add a User


    To add a new user, enter their email address and select their role (one of the 3 available ones described above, "no access" is not available).

    If the role is restricted to an environment (channel manager or web gateway user), you should select the environment the new user will be added to otherwise the drop-down list is not available.

    • Email: The email address to send the invitation to.. 
    • Environment Access Level: The access rights given to the new user for the current environment. 
    • Partner Data Accesses: For user with a "Portal User" access to an environment, you can define accesses to the data of partners. One partner data access is a right ("Read" or "Manage") on one specific partner. Both rights give read access to the runtime data related to the partner. With a "Manage" right, the user will be able to delegate its access and to manage portal users with access to the partner. 
    • Invitation Text: You can change the Invitation Text if you want. This message will be sent to the new user to request acceptance and activate this option. 
    • Information Note:  The following text is automatically added at the end of the mail. 
    • Preferred Language: Babelway's interface will be set in this language when your new user logs into the application. 

    Click on Back command to cancel and go back to previous screen. Click on Send to send this email and invite the new user.

    The new user will be added with his role after accepting this invitation. He activates it by clicking on the link included in the email within three days following the invitation's date of sending.

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