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    This tab allows you to add specific fields to the Partner model. See the Partners section for a full explanation about partners.

    The fields that you add here will be available in add or edit a Partner, or in the list of Partners.

    Thanks to this, in the Partners sections you can also have all the fields that are specific to your business, or important for you but non-standard.


    Environment settings - Partners

    For every field, you can choose its name and its type.

    The type is important, as it helps the application validate the data that you encode, and eases the manipulation of the data. For example :

    • If you tell the application the possible values that a String may contain (when the field can only have a known set of acceptable values), the interface will offer you a dropdown menu for selecting the values, this guarantees that you can not enter another value in error.
    • If you choose an Integer type, you will be guaranteed to have only numbers in the field, and the interface will sort the values numerically (ex: 1, 2, 10) instead of alphabetically (1, 10, 2).








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