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    This tab allows you to view and change the parameters of your environment that affect how the messages are processed.


    Environment settings - Messages

    Note: You can change the storage duration to the most suitable time for you from (15 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, 10 year) to all of your channels from the environment setting, After that don't forget to deploy your environment in order to push this changes to production, as shown below.


    Environment settings - Message storage duration

    • Message Storage Duration: How long the messages processed in this environment will be kept. The possible values are 15 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year or 10 years for legal documents that must be kept longer. The value set here is a default value at environment level, and will only be used if a more specific value is not set at channel level. 
    • Messaging Engine: This parameter defines on which "Messaging Engine" an environment is running. A Messaging Engine groups the different components processing and storing messages. This leverages Babelway multi cloud architecture allowing to load balance operations on several infrastructures. 
    • IP  addresses: This parameter defines the IPs of components of the "Messaging Engine" on which an environment is running. 
    • Use Secure Chain: Defines if the environment is using the Babelway Secure Chain mechanism. The secure chain is a key part of Babelway's legal archiving solution. 
    • Special Data Privacy: If true, only users with an explicit right on the environment have access to the content of the messages and user management. This prevents Babelway support to see the content of messages. 
    • SLA Capacity:  1 or more, is a measure of the processing capacity associated to the account environment. It defines the maximum number of messages (in 10kB chunk) that can be processed per minute.(Service Level Agreement) 

    Note: The environment SLA capacity affect the processing of the messages at the same time, if there are a lot of messages processed at the same time and the SLA capacity was set for example to 1 then the messages will fail in error "No thread available to handle request : MaxAllowed = 1".

    In this case you can contact Babelway support to increase the SLA Capacity.











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