Issue Description

Some customers have reported issues with e-mail communications from our Support system (powered by Zendesk). The e-mail text is greyed out, affecting our customers' ability to view parts of the messages. View the example below:

This issue occurs when a person in CC replies with text in different format (eg. color). The e-mail that is sent to the requestor is greyed out as shown above. This is a result of Outlook misreading the e-mail source. Our ticketing system (powered by Zendesk), complies with the current updates on HTML/e-mail formatting, and cannot have control on how a customer user views the notifications on a third party e-mail. 

Users operating Mac and Updated Office 365 (Outlook) do not encounter this issue. The screenshots below display examples of how the same e-mail is viewed via Outlook 365 (Mac) and Outlook 2016 (Windows).

Mac Outlook View:

Windows Outlook View:

Issue Solution

In order to view the the e-mail, the user must use the View in Browser option in Outlook 2016. This will open the e-mail in their browser, which will display the message in the correct format.