What is happening?

Tradeshift needs to update their FTPS certificates. This change means all FTPS users will have to update the certificate in use in order for their connection(s) to work.

Who is affected?

Tradeshift users having a direct integration over FTPS. If you use an FTPS client like FileZilla, you will be prompted to accept the new certificate. Simply accept it and you can go on working normally.

Change details:

  • Service(s) affected: Inbound FTPS integration services
  • Date of certificate changeover:
    • Production environment: May 8th, at 2 PM CEST / 5 AM PDT
    • Sandbox environment: May 8th, at 25 PM CEST / 5 AM PDT

FTPS certificate

If you connect to Tradeshift’s SI server over FTPS with your own server, you may need to update the certificate yourself:

For reference, you can check the current certificates here: