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    Can I attach supporting documentation to a document?

    2039 6 Created on 2016-10-11 20:36:27; Last updated on 2023-09-29 11:02:05

    Tradeshift allows for supporting documentation to be attached to a document. While working on a document, right below the message field you will find an Attachments section. Click Choose file to choose a file, and it will be uploaded and attached to the document. The size limit of attachments is 3 MB. You can attach as many files as you like, unless your customer has a restriction on the number of attachments. The accepted file formats are PDF and CSV.

    If you have integrated with Tradeshift via SFTP or FTPS, you can also attach files to your document. After placing the document in the outbox file, and before placing the file that triggers the semaphore mechanism, place the file you wish to attach to the document.

    So the order to place files in the outbox is:

    • The document
    • The attachment
    • The file for triggering the semaphore mechanism

    There is no size limit on attachments sent via SFTP or FTPS, and you can attach as many files as you like.

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