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    How do I flip a quote into an invoice?

    19306 5 Created on 2016-10-11 20:36:25; Last updated on 2022-05-18 15:00:28

    On Tradeshift, quotes can be "flipped" into invoices with via two methods. Firstly, you can find the accepted quote in your 'Document Manger' app and click on the document line. A side menu will appear, from which you can select to 'Create I nvoice'.

    You can also open the sent quote by clicking on the document ID in 'Document Manager'. To flip the quote into an invoice, simply click the green button at the top right. An invoice draft will be created, addressed to the same recipient, and with all the same contents as the original quote. You can review it, add a message, and add payment methods before sending the invoice.

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