Starting January 30, 2015, Tradeshift will be introducing a new certificate on the FTPS protocol. The new certificate will be signed by Geotrust/Equifax. 

Announcement of change

  • Effective date:  January 30, 2015 
  • Service(s) affected:  FTPS application 

How does this work today?
Your integration presently accepts our SSL/TLS certificate which allows your system to establish a secure connection to Tradeshift. 

What is the change? 
Starting January 30, 2015, Tradeshift is introducing a new certificate to the FTPS protocol. The new certificate can be downloaded via the following link: New FTPS SSL certificate.txt 

How will this change affect you? 
As part of ongoing effort to improve security and quality of services that we provide to our customers, we will replace the existing self-signed certificate for FTPS with a new certificate signed by Geotrust/Equifax - a well known Certificate Authority which is trusted by default on Microsoft, Google, Apple, Oracle (Java) and Mozilla products. 

Please check with your IT department that the replacing signature doesn’t need to be manually accepted by your integration software, however most of these integration software should automatically accept the newly replaced certificate on the first connection attempt after the upgrade takes place. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team via the support system.