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    I signed up, but I didn't receive the confirmation email. What do I do next?

    1913 6 Created on 2016-10-11 21:05:11; Last updated on 2023-09-12 08:49:02

    If you have created an account on Tradeshift, but didn't receive the confirmation email, here is what you can do.

    Start by verifying that the email inbox you are checking is the one you used to create your Tradeshift account. After confirming that you are checking the right email inbox, check your email's spam folder. From time to time, some spam filters will categorize these types of activation emails as spam. Moreover, you can also get in touch to your organization's IT department in order to check if the Tradeshift domain is whitelisted and you are able to receive emails from uus. If you still cannot find the email, please contact our support team here

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