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    How to create a Product Change Request

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    Customers can request feature changes for the current product offering through the Tradeshift Platform. Requests can include new features or enhancements to existing product functionality. 

    Customer-requested product changes are logged in Tradeshift's product management tool and regularly reviewed by product management. 

    If you want to know more about our product backlog and roadmap priorities, read this article about Tradeshift's SaaS Service Release and Deployment Process (External)

    Follow these 6 easy steps to create a Product Change Request:

    1. Access the Tradeshift Platform.

    2. Expand the menu on the left and find “Support.”

    3. In the Support Launcher, under “Agent Interface,” click on Product Change Requests.

    4. In the top right corner, you will see the option to create a “New Product Change Request.”

    5. A new window will pop up with the following fields:

    • Product Line (if the Product Line is Unknown, choose “Other”) 
    • Product Change Request Summary (describe in a few words what the Product Change Request is about, using keywords if possible)
    • Description of the problem (provide as many details as possible about your Product Change Request, stating what the problem/enhancement is)
    • Desired outcome (provide the expected result)
    • (optional) How do you think a solution would look? (provide a proposal/solution, if known)

    6. After filling in the fields, click on Submit. 

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