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    Getting started with Pay

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    This article explains how to create your Tradeshift account and how to set it up, in order to start creating and exchanging documents with your customer.

    Note: Apart from activating your Tradeshift account, this article will also give you important information regarding your ability to use the platform in order to connect with other companies, manage your account, create documents and flip them, as well as viewing document statuses.

    Activate your Tradeshift account

    You may have already received information from your customer regarding their pending use of Tradeshift for invoicing or document exchange.  Please do not create an account on your own. Wait for the invitation from your customer. This ensures that your account will be set up properly within the Tradeshift system and you will be connected to your customer from the beginning.

    Activating your Tradeshift account is easy. It begins with an invitation, initiated by your customer, for you to activate your account and join the Tradeshift network. Find the e-mail from in your inbox. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam folder, contact your customer or our support team here.

    Click the Activate your account button in the e-mail to proceed with activating your account. Clicking the activation button will take you to the Tradeshift registration webpage, where you will have to validate and enter your company information.  

    Fill in your company name and select the country you are tax registered in. These fields may be pre-filled. 

    Note: Choosing your country is final, and cannot be changed later!

    Optionally, select your company size from the drop-down list that will appear on the right side of the screen and your company industry.

    In the next screen you will be asked to fill in your personal information. This will be used to create your user account on Tradeshift, which will be connected to your company.

    • Fill in your first and last name
    • The e-mail address may be pre-filled. If not, enter the e-mail address you will use to log in.
    • Add a password. Note that it should be at least 10 characters long and it needs to include at least one uppercase character.
    • Select your language from the drop-down list that will appear on the right side of your screen. 
    • Review and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and you’ll be set to activate your account.
    • Note that you can choose to receive our marketing communications from this screen.

    Once this form is full, click the Create account button and you'll be redirected to your Tradeshift account page.

    Once on your Tradeshift profile, you will be asked to fill in your profile information.

    • Add your company logo by clicking on the Add logo box. A window will open and you will need to select the JPEG or PNG file from your computer. Add the company description in the designated box next to your logo.
    • Fill in the company’s address information and click Proceed to complete your profile information. 

    You can update your company profile further by using the Profile App. Access the complete guide on profile here.  You can also add more users to your company account. Access the step-by-step guide here.

    Note: In order to view and read the next articles, you must be logged into the Tradeshift platform.

    Connect with other companies  

    Once you have created an account on Tradeshift, you may receive campaign e-mails from customers that want to connect with you. 

    If you’ve received a campaign e-mail, click the Accept button in the e-mail to proceed to the platform. 

    You will be asked to log into your Tradeshift account. Fill in your user e-mail address and password that were used to create your account above. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the forgot your password option to change it via the reset password e-mail that you will receive.  

    Note that the app that you last worked with will appear on your screen once you log into the Tradeshift platform. Look for the Network App in your left sidebar. 

    1. Your connection will be pending in the Tradeshift Network tab at header level. 

    2. Click on Accept to establish the connection. 

    Create documents using Tradeshift  

    Using Tradeshift’s web portal, you can create a variety of documents. Click here to see all the document types that you can create or receive on Tradeshift. 

    This article will show you the different ways to create an invoice on Tradeshift’s web portal.  

    If you made a mistake on an invoice and submitted it already to your customer, you may want to issue a credit note, which can credit the full amount on the invoice and zero out the balance. Have a look at this article to understand the credit note creation process. 

    Flip documents  

    Tradeshift's Document Manager is an application that provides businesses with a comprehensive overview of the documents they have sent and received via Tradeshift, as well as the most relevant document details. This is all achieved via its central feature, the user-friendly table view.   

    On Tradeshift, invoices can be "flipped" into credit notes with the click of a button. To do so, please consult this article

    To flip a purchase order into an invoice, consult this article

    Document statuses  

    A document status is a property that all documents have, which describes how far along the document is in the process. To get accustomed to the basic and special states of a document, read this article

    Manage your Tradeshift account  

    To explore more applications, select All apps from the sidebar of the Tradeshift platform, once you have logged in. You can also click anywhere on the left panel to see your pinned apps, access your user settings, or switch company branches. Some of the most used applications are: 

    • Create Documents
    • Messages
    • Dashboard 
    • Network Manager 
    • Document Manager 
    • Tradeshift University 
    • Support 

    Find more information about Tradeshift Apps here

    Learning and support resources

    Learn everything that you need to know in Tradeshift University, our e-learning center with easy-to-watch video courses. The University App is available in the Production environment, after you log in. Below are some of our introductory courses:

    Some of these video guides are also available for non-logged in users and can be accessed here.

    If you still have technical issues with using Tradeshift, you can contact our support team here. For business or payment-related questions, please contact your customer.

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