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    What is Collaboration?

    13569 0 Created on 2021-05-10 11:25:36; Last updated on 2022-07-01 13:01:38

    Collaboration is a Tradeshift key feature that makes it easy for users to collaborate across the platform.

    • It requires no configuration and enables users to collaborate on documents and products/services both internally (within the same organization) and externally (between organizations).
    • Collaboration works with all products, services and document types on the platform, allowing multiple users to comment and work together on any of these in real time.
    • Main benefits of the Collaboration app in Tradeshift: Provides a single channel of communication for all users performing a specific business scenario.
    • Reduces and potentially eliminates the need to use traditional communication channels like email, phone, internal chat applications.
    • More efficient and meaningful conversations, as it happens within a context (collaboration on documents, products & services ). No need to provide links or print-screens of what the context is. The information is already there, available to both parties.
    • Better tracking and audit trail. Everything is tracked and timestamped.

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