If you’re in a company administrator role, it’s your responsibility to make sure employee data is kept up to date. Creating and managing Users and Teams on the Tradeshift platform is now easier than ever with the Users app. You can access the app via the desktop version, or on iOS and Android devices. If you’re not in a company admin role, you will not be able to make changes to Users and Teams in the Users app.

To get started, search for the app in the Available apps, and click Open.

The app consists of two tabs, Users and Teams, each tab showing a list of Users and Teams, respectively. 

From the Users table, you can browse through the pages of Users, or search for a particular User by clicking the magnifying glass and entering the search criteria. The Teams table can also be searched and browsed in the same way. 

To change Users settings:

  • Click on a username to open a new screen 

  • Click any blue Add button to add a setting value 

  • Click the Edit icon to change an existing setting value

  • Click the Delete icon to remove an existing setting value 

To change Teams settings:

  • Click on a Team name in the Teams overview to open up the summary screen

  • Click Edit Team to change the name and description of that Team

  • Click Enable or Disable Team to toggle the state of that Team

  • Click Add member to open a search panel to find a user you'd like to make a member of this Team 

On both the Users and Teams overview pages, buttons titled Create User and Create Team are available to users with the company admin role. 

The Create User flow will invite a user to join your Tradeshift company. This functionality is new to the Users app and is more conveniently relocated from the Company Profile. 

You can also create a new Team, give your new Team a name and a description. You can then add new Users to your Team.