Tradeshift is doing a partnership with 71lbs (pronounced "71 pounds"), a company that is helping businesses reduce and understand their shipping costs. For nearly six years, Jose Li, CEO of 71lbs, ran FedEx’s e-commerce and retail division:

“One of the several hundred accessorial fees you could be charged by shipping carriers is for a package weighing over 70 lbs. Why should you pay more, especially when you’re already paying by the pound? It’s our way of calling out the carriers on this.”

Keep reading to learn more about 71lbs' Contract Negotiations product and what this new partnership with Tradeshift consists of. 

What is the 71lbs service?

71lbs will help you to (re)negotiate your Fedex/UPS carrier agreement and achieve incremental savings by renegotiating their FedEx/UPS carrier agreement. On average thanks to 71lbs services you will save between 15 - 20% on your shipping spend. This is a contingency service, so there is no upfront cost for you!

Who is eligible for tis service?

Any company based in the US that is spending between $500K-$5M in annual parcel shipping spend with Fedex or UPS.

How does it work?

71lbs team will help you to analyse your current agreement and define the best negotiation strategy :

  1. Access to Benchmarking Data: Our team will educate you on identifying and asking for appropriate rates suited to your shipping volume. This includes access to benchmarking data used to support your request.
  2. A Negotiation Plan, Tailored to You: We’ll propose a negotiation strategy with your spend, shipping practices, goals, and current climate in mind.
  3. Post-Agreement Invoice Breakdown: New agreement in place? Our team will review and provide a detailed, itemized invoice that breaks down each item by service level, to see just how much you’re saving.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about 71lbs and Tradeshift, you can get in touch at