Greece has announced an invoice registration mandate that requires suppliers to submit specific invoice and income classification data to their government platform called “myDATA”. The platform will capture the tax information and return a unique number to suppliers, referred to as "Mark". The Mark must be mentioned in the tax invoice that is then sent to the customer. This regulation will be enforced from October 1st, 2020.

Please note that this is not an e-invoicing mandate. It is a reporting obligation.

Tradeshift's solution to the myDATA reporting mandate

Tradeshift has enhanced the platform to allow for the Mark unique number to be captured on the e-invoices issued. Sellers will continue to create their own invoices, but first they must obtain the Mark from the myDATA platform before sending invoices to the customers.

After having obtained the Mark unique number, seller can create an invoice through the Tradeshift platform. When creating an invoice, the Mark number must be filled in the dedicated field at header level.

Additional details in relation to the myDATA reporting can be added in the Notes field.

Note: Integrated suppliers will have to update the field mapping.