Tradeshift is updating the Terms of Service applicable to the Tradeshift network and platform. The new Terms of Service will be live on the site and applicable as of July 1, 2020. To view the updated version, visit our Terms of Service page. 

We are:

  • Adding a link to Tradeshift’s Operational Practices, so it will be easier for customers to find that information,;
  • Adding information about integration with third party networks;
  • Making minor updates to fix the formatting and numbering;
  • For the Terms of Service version presented to users in France , we added a link to the Early Payment Program Terms for Sellers and clarified the French regulatory approach to e-invoicing. In addition, during the summer of 2019 and in partnership with an approved supplier of electronic signatures, we strengthened our regulatory compliance by ensuring the authenticity of the origin as well as the integrity of the content of the invoices processed on the Tradeshift platform. Consequently, the newly released version of our French Terms of Service removes the references to the previous method which are no longer necessary, this allows us to bring more clarity to our regulatory compliance with article 289 VII - 2 of the General Tax Code.

Tradeshift Data Policy Update

Tradeshift is updating the Tradeshift Data Policy to correct definitions and add references to our more recent product offerings. To view the updated version, visit our Tradeshift Data Policy page.