While there are different ways to create and send invoices using the Tradeshift platform, this article will highlight how to create and submit an invoice using the Create option.

Before submitting your invoice: 

A few details are required to be present in your account profile, in order for you to send documents.

If required details are missing, you will get a request to add them when sending your first document.

These mandatory details can be added beforehand in the Profile app, accessed from the launcher.

  • Additional information regarding your company profile details and completion is here

  • Additional information regarding tax identifiers in your profile can be found here 

Contact your Company Administrator for assistance, if you are not authorized to make profile changes or do not know your company identifiers.

Invoice submission from the 'Create' launcher

The 'Create' launcher allows you to easily create any of the standard document types available on Tradeshift, which are:

  • Invoice
  • Pre-payment invoice
  • Goods receipt
  • Written request
  • Invoice from order
  • Credit Note
  • Purchase Order
  • Quote
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Prepayment Invoice

To create and submit a basic invoice, simply select Create Invoice, then complete the invoice template as shown in the next steps.

1. You can search for the recipient in the search bar (hint: begin typing the name to locate options).  If the recipient is not found, you can add an external connection manually (For more information check articles in the "Network and connections" category of our knowledge base).

2. Fill in details for:

  • Invoice Number
  • Issue Date
  • Currency
  • Payment Due Date
  • Delivery Date
  • (Optional) Any relevant optional fields

3. Complete Invoice Line items:

a. Add a new (blank) item line to the invoice template

b. Add a header charge (such as shipping), a discount, or separate tax charge (see below for more details)

c. This changes "price per unit" to "price per quantity" for your invoicing needs.

4. Specify payment method.

5. Add any notes to the recipient.

6. Click to add attachments, such as a PDF invoice copy or a spreadsheet.

7. You may save the invoice as a draft, preview the finished invoice or send it to the recipient.

Clicking "Preview" will mimic sending the document first, if you would like to see error callouts before sending. 

Clicking "Send" will also show error callouts, and will send the document to the customer if there are no errors.

Adding tax, header charges or discounts

The way to add tax, charges (such as shipping) or discounts from header level can be added to invoices as shown below:

Below the invoice lines, click the option to "add header charge, discount or tax"

This will make a line which you can make specific additions:

  1. Choose which type of line
  2. Add detail in the free form field
  3. Choose the type from dropdown menu
  4. Add value of the line
  5. Choose if the line value is a percentage of the invoices value or specified currency value
  6. Add or adjust tax for just this charge or discount

Note: the "Create from existing document" option at top of template will allow you to:

  • Upload a document copy, and scan it for submission to your recipient
  • this requires you to validate the invoice, make corrections, then click send
  • OR use an existing Tradeshift invoice as the basis for a new invoice

We recommend using the platform user interface (UI) for submitting your first invoices, to allow time for our Machine Learning abilities to experience your invoicing habits.

Other invoice submission methods:

Have more questions?

  • You can find answers, or submit a ticket to our Support team, by clicking the "Support" icon from the launcher
  • There are also helpful video courses in our Tradeshift University