In order to more thoroughly approach compliance regulations and requirements in some countries, Tradeshift engages the services of expert consulting partners.

"Inbound (AP) Clearance” means - In countries that have mandated the ‘clearance model’, the tax administration requires each invoice to be reported and authorized electronically by them before or during the trading parties exchange process.

Inbound (AP) Clearance refers to the process at the invoice receiver’s end for the validation of the e-invoice received with respect to integrity, authenticity, certificate trust and clearance.

“Invoice Archiving” means - An on demand service for the long-term storage of critical electronic data. The TrustWeaver Archiving service is mainly designed for compliant archiving of electronic invoices under the laws of the supported countries.

“Qualified Electronic Signature” means - An electronic signature that is compliant to EU Regulation No 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation) for electronic transactions within the internal European market. It enables parties to verify the integrity and authenticity of signed electronic data exchange over long periods of time.

“Digital Signature” means - A digital signature guarantees the authenticity of an electronic document or message in digital communication and uses encryption techniques to provide proof of integrity of the signed data.

Summary Table

Third Party Provider Service Countries
Sovos Trustweaver Qualified Electronic Signature France (Optional add on service in some other countries)
Sovos Trustweaver Digital-signature India  (Optional add on service in some other countries)
Sovos Trustweaver Inbound (AP) Clearance Italy, Mexico, Chile, Peru
Sovos Trustweaver Invoice archiving Italy
Inposia Inbound (AP) Clearance Turkey
GoSocket Inbound (AP) Clearance Costa Rica, Chile
Edicom Inbound (AP) Clearance Colombia, Costa Rica

More information

Sovos Trustweaver

As a subcontractor to Tradeshift, Sovos Trustweaver assists with:

  • Inbound (AP) clearance in the following countries: Italy, Mexico, Chile, Peru.
  • An archiving solution in Italy.
  • Digital Signatures in India and Qualified Electronic Signatures in France


Optional Digital Signature Service: Tradeshift’s partner Sovos Trustweaver offers an e-invoicing compliance service in certain countries that is available to Tradeshift customers as an add-on option. This method is based on qualified digital signatures, and is the default option for countries where digital signatures are required by law. Sovos Trustweaver electronic signature service is enabled on Tradeshift through an app that must be activated by the buyer. When this app is activated, all invoices sent from the supplier are routed to Sovos Trustweaver, who apply a digital signature to the document before it is sent to the recipient. Once received, the document is once again routed to Sovos Trustweaver, who verify the digital signature to confirm its integrity. As part of this service, Sovos Trustweaver also guarantees compliance with all regulations in terms of digital signatures and qualified timestamps for all covered countries.



As a subcontractor to Tradeshift, Inposia assists with Inbound (AP) Clearance in Turkey. Inposia. are a local authorised e-fatura Service Provider as per the TRA (Turkish Revenue Agency) requirements.



As a subcontractor to Tradeshift, GoSocket assists with Inbound (AP) Clearance in Costa Rica and Chile.



As a subcontractor to Tradeshift, Edicom assists with Inbound (AP) Clearance in Costa Rica and Colombia.