On September 9, 2019, we updated our Terms of Service to reflect a new product offering: Tradeshift Cash. The new Tradeshift Cash-related terms will apply to you only if you choose to use Tradeshift Cash products.

A summary of other updates to the Tradeshift Terms of Service:

  • Updated our global office addresses
  • Added definitions to help distinguish terms that are applicable to different features and services
  • Updates to export law compliance terms
  • Added terms to support the e-signature services applicable to some electronic invoices. The terms provide authorization for Tradeshift and third party service providers (“Invoicing Facilitators”) to apply electronic signatures to invoice documents in certain jurisdictions
  • Terms regarding Customer Data (ownership by the customer, rights to download, shared interests of trading partners, and limited rights to perform data analysis)
  • Terms associated with the early payment programs offered to Sellers (applicable only to users who activate these products)
  • Other minor corrections