Your Universal Inbox (hereafter referred to as "inbox") is the place where all your tasks, messages, and any other communication-related items are displayed. Types of information displayed in your inbox:
  • Conversations
  • Documents to accept/process, depending on your role.
  • Connection requests

When you log in to your Tradeshift account, your inbox is available in the app launcher on the left of the screen. 

Details about your inbox:

A. Inbox icon. Click it to expand the inbox.

B. Unread messages are highlighted in your inbox. When you click an unread message, the conversation panel opens. More details about the conversation panel and its capabilities, here.

C. Toggle button. Use it to display only the unread messages. 

To close a conversation panel and collapse the inbox, click the x at the top left of the panel. 

Note:  You can expand your inbox irrespective of the screen you are currently on, so you can quickly respond in your conversations, without having to stop your current work.

The task menu is an integrated part of the inbox, thus enabling you to view your tasks wherever you are on the platform. Documents and other tasks requiring your attention will be listed here.


Note: If your user role gives you access to the Task Manager app, the Task List function is not displayed in your universal inbox.