The Tradeshift IEP system uses the following terminology:
  • Program: a representation of a particular payment behaviour towards a group of suppliers, usually directly related to both a technical and legal set-up with a partner bank. Program may also define other properties that allow communication with different system instances and strategies for all processes, such as payment bundling, buyer certification, supplier choice, etc.
  • Provider: the bank partner providing the program
  • Buyer: The Buyer is the organisation that partnered with the bank to offer early payments to its suppliers via the Tradeshift platform. 
  • Seller / Supplier: Supplying organisations invited by their buyer(s) to participate in one or more Early Payments program(s).
  • Onboarding: Invitations sent by the buyer to it suppliers, in order to join Tradeshift and the Early Payments program

Moreover, within the different organisations involved, there exist different user roles:
  • Program Manager
    • A user from the provider organisation who is a manager of one or more programs. Program Managers may create new programs and change parameters of existing programs, including delegating onboardings to Onboarding Managers. Program managers may also add other program managers to programs they manage.

  • Buyer Onboarding Manager
    • A manager of onboarding to one or more programs. This is usually a user in the buyer's organisation. Onboarding managers can trigger enrolment of new suppliers into programs they manage, as well as approve supplier data changes, and confirm ERP setup.
    • A program may have multiple users designated as onboarding managers who share the work as a team and may all perform the same actions. Should a buyer want to restrict access, they should simply set up a different program.

  • Provider ("bank") Onboarding Manager
    • A manager of onboarding to one or more programs. Must be a user in the provider's (bank's) organisation. Provider onboarding managers are not strictly necessary, except when the provider mandates a process that includes some of their own employees.
    • Provider Onboarding managers will participate in the onboarding process by e.g. approving completed onboardings prior to setting them up in their internal systems.

  • Supplier
    • A supplier user responsible for going through an enrolment process necessary for joining a program, who can select payment bundles for early payment and who can view metrics dashboards and download reports.