The connector app allows users to automatically expor t sales invoices from Tradeshift to Xero.


  • Benefits

    • Save labor and time by eliminating need to re-enter invoices in Xero

    • Improve invoice data accuracy in Xero via automated data sync

    • Free of charge

  • Integrated system and versions: Xero (

  • Activated on: regular company account or child branch account in case there is a master account

  • Intended users: supplier users who use Tradeshift to send invoices (sales invoices)

  • Connections available:

    • Export invoices and from Tradeshift to Xero


App activation


Activating the app will not automatically start the data flow (exporting invoices). Users can control when to start the data flow. To activate the app, a user needs to have valid login credentials of the following users:

  • Tradeshift: primary user (the user whose email was used to create the Tradeshift account)

  • Xero: standard user


Follow these steps to activate the app:

  1. Sign into Tradeshift at using credentials of the account primary user. If the company has a master account and child branches on Tradeshift (this is not common), sign into the child branch.

  2. Click Apps \ More apps, pick the Connectors category, and find the Xero Connector app.

  3. Activate the app

  4. Follow on-screen instructions to connect to your Xero account.

    1. When connecting to Tradeshift, you will see a “Sandbox?” dropdown menu. Choose “No”.

If there are multiple child branch accounts on Tradeshift that need to be integrated with Xero, repeat the above steps in each Tradeshift child branch account.