If you have a small business accounting package that is able to export invoices in one of our supported formats, you will be able to upload it through our web interface. Here is how it works:

1. Log in to your Tradeshift account.

2. You then need to get the free "Documents Uploader" app. Go to the "Apps" tab and click on the "Documents Uploader" app, then click "Activate App". After activating the app, you can either click the "Go to app" link on the same page, or click the "Documents Uploader" tab under "My Apps".

3. From there you simply click "Choose file" then find the document you want to upload and click "Import document". If there are no validation errors, your file can be found in the list of draft invoices under the "Documents" tab.

4. If the invoice didn't have a recipient defined inside it, then you have to find the recipient by using the search field provided on the invoice. Then make sure that the invoice has all relevant fields filled out, or change whatever you need to change before sending it.

5. Before sending the invoice, verify that it has the relevant fields filled out, set a receiver or change whatever you need to change before sending it. Then click "Send" or "Preview" before sending it.

After you have sent your invoice, you can find it again under the "Documents" tab. From here, you can also download or print a PDF version of the invoice.