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    What is the advantage of having a network?

    1605 1 Created on 2016-10-11 20:37:17; Last updated on 2023-09-12 08:49:02

    With Tradeshift you can connect with all your suppliers and customers directly and thereby avoid additional channels of communication regarding a business document. You will have one channel for your business documents and even if your contacts are not on Tradeshift, you'll still be able to communicate with them from the Tradeshift platform. For instance, if you send an invoice to a customer not using Tradeshift, the person will receive the invoice as a PDF attached to an email. 

    But of course there are some additional advantages to having your suppliers and customers using Tradeshift: 

    1. Send, receive, and keep all your documents in the same place. With Tradeshift you can handle all your documents on the same platform. You will also be able to see and change the status of any document, so you know straight away when an invoice has been accepted, paid, or is overdue:

    2. Conveniently locate a document and send a comment only for that particular document to your customer.

    3. Get paid faster. With Tradeshift's PayPal integration you can receive payments from your customers instantly or pay suppliers with PayPal's special flat-fee merchant rates.

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