Need a way to control your company spending? Strengthen your internal controls, earn more rewards, and track who’s spending and approving what— all in a glance.

Tradeshift is announcing a new business app called Tradeshift Go.


Improve control of your company spend
  • Track who's spending and approving what - get instant transparency!
  • Clear, up-to-date reporting & visibility
  • Our simple chat interface provides you seamless & easy request/approval flows

Reduce fraud

  • Generate single-use virtual cards
  • Easily terminate cards that are lost or stolen without affecting your actual credit card

No more manual reconciliations with reimbursements

  • All your transactions and receipts in one place
  • Reduce inefficiencies

Empower your team

  • No more using your own money upfront
  • End hoarding crumpled up receipts and submitting expense reports

Want to learn more?

Visit our website to submit a request to watch a demo, and then sign-up for your free Go account!