Dear user, 
You may recently have experienced pages and lists that took a very long time to load or simply timed out. This reflects a recent growth in users and activity that has exposed a number of areas where our platform is under-scaled. In addition to resulting in certain pages being slow, in a number of instances the resource depletion from this has required us to restart the entire system, leading to downtime for all users.
As a platform that needs to be able to scale globally, we take these issues very seriously. As such, we are taking steps towards resolving the underlying root causes of these issues. 
Some examples of the improvements we have been and are working on:
  • Changing and improving the way that we index documents and users, which will eliminate the wait times that especially affect high-volume accounts. Most accounts should be back to normal by now. 
  • Improving our caching of resources - leading to overall better response times during login and on most of the pages.
  • Isolating the effects of sudden spikes in the number of documents to the subsystems responsible for receiving them. 
These initiatives will be implemented during the months of June, July and August.