Based on customer requests we have added support for the following for cXML Invoice (and CreditNote) on headerlevel:





It's important to note, that due to limitations in the cXML format, it is not possible to indicate the VAT duty for these amounts.

This means that it will only work for a document with one single VAT rate (such as 20% or 0%), having this VAT rate applied for these additional amounts.

(If you have the need for handling multiple VAT rates, we suggest that you provide the amounts as line items instead).

When filling out the Tax class on headerlevel it's important to provide the TaxableAmount and TaxAmount (and Tax/Money) so they reflects SubtotalAmount SpecialHandlingAmount ShippingAmount - InvoiceDetailDiscount.

Note also, that SpecialHandlingAmount/Money, ShippingAmount/Money and InvoiceDetailDiscount/Money is indicated exclusive the VAT amount.

Our cXML documentation package contains an example file (cXML_Invoice_ALC.xml) which shows an example on how it could be used.